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Clean BBQ Grill

BBQ Cleaning Service

Let us clean your greasy grill
We have the tools to professionally clean, repair and maintain BBQ grills all year long

Our service covers North Carolina and is the best way to update the look of your grill. We send out our two man Sparkle Grill crew to bring back the sparkle in your BBQ grill.

Fire it up! You barbeque grill will be perfectly clean when you need it
Protect your equipment investment

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What We Do & What We Offer

Licensed and insured
Barbeque Grill Cleaning
  • Effectively eliminate all traces of carbon
  • Effectively remove all traces of grease
  • Big Green Egg Cleaning
Grill Maintenance
  • Inspection for possible damage
  • Parts ordering
  • Warranty work
BBQ Grill Repairs
  • Inspection for possible damage
  • Parts ordering
  • Warranty work
We also offer:
  • Natural Gas Conversion Kits
  • Grill Cover Sales
  • BBQ Grill Sales
  • Gift Certificates

Why choose Sparkle Grill

Grill Cleaning... it's what we do
How do you clean a BBQ grill?

If you are unsure how to do it yourself, we can help. Call our local grill cleaning and repair technician. We do the best job, the first time.

Grill sales and service experts

Let us professionally install or service your high end BBQ grill.

Before and After BBQ Grill Cleaning
Expertise You Can Trust

Sparkle Grill Cleaning has the experience in residential high end BBQ cleaning and maintenance. We do the best job, the first time.

Quality Service

We come right to your home and make your grill look new again.

Grills -Before & After


Protect your equipment investment

  • Our pricing is simple and straight forward we have only two sets of pricing.

Free Standing Grill

$Contact for current pricing
For grills with up to five burners

  • Each additional burner, upgrade
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Built-in Grill

$Contact for current pricing
For grills with up to five burners

  • Each additional burner, upgrade
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About Us

Mobile BBQ Grill Cleaning Service in North Carolina. We clean, maintain and repair BBQ grills in North Carolina.


How do I tell how many burners I have?

The easiest way is to count the knobs on the front and side of the grill. We strive to clean your grill from top to bottom and from side to side. We will clean the entire grill and all of its components, from burners to smoker boxes (for smoking wood chips). You will know the price of our grill cleaning service prior to our starting on your grill.

Why is there a difference in price between free standing grills and built-in grills?

From our experience, built-in grills are made of heavier gauge stainless steel than most free standing grills. From the heavier hood to the thicker cooking grates, built-in grills take longer to clean in order to meet our standards.

Even though built-in grills are excellent three burner grills, ie Weber, the built-in grill will take longer to clean.

How do you price repairs?

Prior to any repair or replacement parts being ordered and/ or installed, you will receive our total price in writing. In most cases, a second trip will be required so a minor trip charge will be added to the price of the repair. Again, you will know all fees prior to our doing the work.

*Special order parts must be paid in advance.*

Grill tonight

You can rest assured our crew will work to get your grill ready to go within hours.

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BBQ Cleaning in North Carolina

If you need your BBQ grill cleaned in North Carolina, look no further. Sparkle Grill Cleaning is here. Don't be shy give us a try. Get your grill cleaned, parts replaced, and just enjoy cooking on your grill with out all the hassles and headaches of the clean up. Makes food taste better, get it done today.

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